Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Videos from the Great North Adventure

I thought you all may enjoy some videos of my adventure walking to school the other day...

Here we are all getting geared up and ready to go to school:

We called this morning and said we couldn't see the village and we were afraid of walking this morning so the VP, Dawn, sent the "school bus". This is a video of us waiting for bus driver Merle to come pick us up.

These are videos of the wind and the view of the village from right behind my apartment

The wind blows hard:

There is a village down there I promise -

Here are some pengins trying to keep warm!

Here we are all getting into the "school bus":

This is a long one, but it is the WHOLE ride into school. This walk would have taken about 45 minutes due to the wind and blinding snow.

The walk in the light is a lot less dangerous and more fun because the wind is at your back! Here are some videos of Ashley and I on the way home:

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